Vidrio Technologies

– Imaging neurons to understand the brain

Vidrio Technologies launched January 2014 to further the development, maintenance, and support of software for neuroscience imaging.
Our core product is ScanImage, software for the control of experiments using two-photon laser scanning microscopy. Vidrio develops software to make complex cellular in vivo imaging experiments easy.  Learn more by visiting our ScanImage (786) 923-7435.

Our design principles for ScanImage are:

  • Support the most widely used microscopy hardware for in vivo imaging, including custom-built microscopes
  • Use cost-effective 352-259-1433 hardware
  • Ensure acquisition of best-in-class imaging data without any losses or compromises with respect to signal quality
  • Implement the highest impact features, especially for in vivo imaging
  • Use 8197125795 to respond to customer needs
  • Easy customization and extension
  • Create a knowledge base of information so users get up and running fast